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The total demand of new entrant technicians in the diesel industry in 2019 is nearly 30,000.

When the automotive and collision industries are added into the mix, the demand for 2019 is a staggering 125,000 technicians.

A pretty sobering number by any measure.

Couple that with the fact that according to the National Initiatives for the TechForce Foundation, the younger generation of workers are three times more likely to change jobs than baby boomers.

What's more, they're averaging more jobs as well.

So there is now an entire population demographic with absolutely no loyalty to their employer.

But there’s even more you're dealing with...

We are experiencing the lowest levels of unemployment since 1969!

What does that mean?

You're fighting local unions in the construction industry...

You're fighting government agencies looking for someone to service their fleets...

You're fighting heating and air conditioning companies...

You're even fighting large companies in the energy sector...

All for the same talent.

What Can You Do?

Pay higher wages?

How high can you really go?

$1000 sign-on bonus?



Remember, you're fighting dealerships and national chains with better connections, more resources, and a seemingly limitless budget.


Face it...

You can't compete with everyone.

It would be foolish to even try.

Why not start playing a different game?

Zig While Everyone Else Zags...

Take a fundamentally different approach to hiring.

The old tactics aren't working.

If you've been frustrated by an endless parade of bad applicants...

If you've been frustrated by no applications at all...

If you've spent hundreds or even thousands trying to find the right candidate...

You are in the right place.

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During This Masterclass, You'll Discover...
The 3 distinct phases of a complete hiring system.
Exactly how to create distinctive ads that speak to your ideal candidate.
How to get those great ads in front of more candidates using proven direct response marketing tactics.

How to prevent ghosting and how to actually systematize the concept of "always be recruiting".

Bonus Content:

Newly Added! - A step-by-step tutorial for your initial ad to get you going quickly.


Newly Added! - A module on how to conduct an interview that can definitively tell you whether someone will be a good hire or not. 

David Roman
David has spent 20 years in the automotive industry, having successfully managed several multi-million dollar retail parts stores in Illinois, the St. Louis area, and eventually Kansas City. He's owned his shop since 2012.

What Others Have Said:

[This class] made it possible to follow the steps to get someone hired. This should be filed in every HR and personnel file so it can be used as a checklist the next time you have to fill a position!

What Are You Waiting For?

Hold Up.
Before you go any further, I need to admit something.
This information is NOT for everyone!

Why is that?

Well, I've made a lot of bold claims.

The shops that have fully implemented the system I teach in this class have found incredible success.

Again, don't just take my word for it... See what others have posted online.
BUT... Will this work for YOU?

Well, that depends...

For this to work for you, an immense amount of effort is required.  

You don't have the resources and funds that the dealerships and the national chains have at their disposal.

You don't have an entire staff dedicated to recruiting.

You don't have an army of head hunters that will deliver qualified candidates for thousands of dollars each.


By taking precisely the right action, in the right order...

You'll be able to outperform everyone else desperately looking for help.

All you need is the right information.

A little bit of time...

And some intentional effort.

The information you need is right here...

Ready To Get Started?

One Last Thing...

I want you to have wild success using this information. So here's my personal guarantee: If you implement every step, ask for help via email should you need it, and after 60-days you aren't having ANY success, I will give you 100% of your money back!
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